Sell ​​your property

We can sell your property as well …..

We have a great demand for properties in Costa Blanca. We have clients who daily look for suitable properties in the area. Clients are only waiting for the right property to come on the market, perhaps it is your property they are looking for ?.

There is no obligation to get a sales assessment, the only thing you need to do is contact us for an appointment.

Before we can accommodate adding a property to our portfolio, by law (Consumer Protection Act – Decree 218 – Andalucia) we are required to see copies of all documents apertaining to the property which will enable us to represent you the vendor and our clients in a legal and professional capacity. If however you do not have the necessary documents we can guide or help you to obtain them yourself.

We need the following documents to sell your property:
Nota Simple: Land Registry Certificate
Escritura: Title Deeds.
IBI: Real Estate Tax – Annual Rates.
Last Paid Utilities: Water, Electric, Telephone, etc.
Basura: Rubbish tax
NIE Number (s): Number Residencia
Energy Efficiency / Performance Certificate (Certificado de EFICIENCIA Energética)
A Copy of the License of the 1st Occupation.
An Expediente: Certified Document from the local town hall stating all legal krav & Financial Liabilities for the property have been met.
Community Fees and details.
Copy of the original architect’s drawings of the property if you have them.

Advertising of your property will take place on the Internet, both on our international site and local site in selected countries, in our business and to our partners both locally and internationally, which will highlight your property to a greater extent.

Contact us for more information about the sale of your property and get a personalized valuation.